Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

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Giving Thanks!!

Once again, this post is WAY overdue! Sorry, Dad, and sorry those of you faithful viewers who have been patiently waiting for an update. Here are a few highlights from Pie Breakfast, Thanksgiving, and the past few weeks.

Good friends...a HUGE mess...45 homemade pies...150 people...Pie Breakfast on Thanksgiving morning...PRICELESS!

This year we hosted Park City's annual Pie Breakfast at our house. As always, it was a huge success as The Marshes, The Joneses, The Schillingers and The Andersons (Annie made three and Jess made 2 as well!) made over forty pies to serve to friends and family on Thanksgiving morning. Because of the gridlock on our stairs three years ago, we set up the pies and drinks in our garage! Who knew..pies in a garage...It was awesome! It worked out great as the pie traffic stayed outside while all the moms and kids ate and played inside. The two Jack Daniel's pies went first as usual, followed by a few chocolate pies and some specialty pies. Every year I think, "why don't I make pies more often? It's not that hard'." Then, after the novelty of the first one or two wears off, I realize, I have no desire to make pies throughout the year, after making nine in one evening. Rob made seven bringing the Anderson total to 16 pies!
It is amazing how many people look forward to Pie Breakfast, and it is amazing how we reconnect with people we haven't seen since last year at Pie Breakfast. I admire Rob, Joel and Pete for starting such a great tradition. Of course, the wives have definitely kicked things up a notch since their bachelor pie days, and we do most of the baking as well. In the end, it is an incredible tradition and one that I feel very blessed to be a part of. You guys should start one in your own community!!!
After some clean up, a nap and a little cooking, we joined our close friends at the Jones house for an amazing Thanksgiving dinner. Rob, Pete and Malone fried the turkeys and everyone brought their favorite dish or two. We enjoyed the meal and the company, and no one had pie for dessert. (Check out the Jones blog for a great slideshow of Pie Breakfast!)

Sawyer turned 20 months old this week - crazy! He continues to become a little man, and he continues to test the limits of right and wrong. He once responded to "no touch" but now he chooses not to hear it being said. That's fun. Oh, and the only way to play with a toy is to dump the entire basket, box or shelf in which the toy once was stored. That's fun too.
He really is fun and such a joy in our lives. I am head over heels in love with that little guy! I love watching him explore and grow and change. It happens so fast! Enjoy the pictures!!



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