Monday, November 22, 2010


Last week I was the coop parent at Bean's preschool. This is always a pure delight as I get to be in on the action that takes place at school. We coop once a month, and this is always a treat. During Circle Time, I learned that there are NO birthdays during the month of November. No one in the class has a birthday. This means no parties, no cupcakes, no singing of "Happy Birthday" and no shared gifts with the class. The kids remember this every time they talk about the month of NOvember.

This got me to thinking...scary, I know.


No more leaves on the trees or a warm, dry nose.
No more hummingbird feeder or exposed, flip flop toes.
No more grassy picnics or tank tops and shorts.
No more bees in the air or playgrounds and forts. 
No Farmer's Market tomatoes or slurpees to sip.
No more bike rides and hikes, no more swimming pool trips.


In an effort to sound a little more positive...It's not all bad. Seriously. For what it lacks, November marks the beginning of a great (did I mention long) winter here in Park City. We get to ski, sled, snowshoe, and drink hot cocoa snuggled up next to a crisp,warm fire. The snow covered ground reflects the moonlight to light up the sky at night, and this remains one of my favorite things. True, the snow blowing and shoveling gets a little old, and the monotonous routine of bundling up the kids before each outing remains a pain; however, I wouldn't trade it for a trip to the pool for a second. We'll get plenty more of that this summer! 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fabulous Fall Fun!

Here are a few photos of our little trick or treaters! Bean refused to be ANYTHING but Ironman since dad was Ironman this summer at Young Life Camp. He doesn't have a clue who that is, but he knows dad wore the costume on stage for a month and he wanted to be like dad. So sweet. Peanut didn't care too much for the costume but did enjoy taking on the character of a lion. She had a sweet raspy roar that we couldn't get enough of.

The Fall Festival at church. Peanut is finishing up her pizza as we head down the hall to the games.



A quick family photo!

A fun trip to the zoo. This gorilla amazed us as he sat at stared at us through the glass.

One of our favorite zoo moments ever!

Raking leaves before the snow falls!

It doesn't get old! (Well, maybe the raking but not the playing!)

Fall has been so fun and surprisingly warm! Not anymore! It is crisp and cold outside today, and the snow continues to make it's way down the mountain. We are excited and ready for winter, and we look forward to Thanksgiving in a few weeks.

Peanut is ready!



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