Friday, April 24, 2009


Ahh...Mexico. Besides visiting family in Texas, Rob and I haven't taken a non Young Life related trip since our first year of marriage. We are strong believers in the whole "marriage comes first" philosophy and in order for us to be good parents, we have to put our marriage first. So, a few months ago we talked about taking a quick trip to Moab over Spring Break since there is no Young Life that week. Some AMAZING friends of ours from our church heard about our desire for a quick getaway before baby #2 arrives, and they GAVE us a trip to Mexico. When I say GAVE us, I mean they provided the flights and the stay at a beautiful holistic retreat near Cabo San Lucas. A place where the employees know you by name, where they rake the sand, and where they fill your room with calming fragrances and turn down your bed each night. It was heavenly. Rob knew about it several months ago and told me four days before we were to leave for Mexico. He knew I would have anxiety about both of us leaving our little guy (and putting my almost seven months pregnant belly into a swimsuit) and spared me the anxious thoughts for a few months. This way, they were all crammed into the four days prior to our trip. Even though it was very difficult for me to leave, it was so worth it. We had a great week of reading, relaxing, discussing baby names, and soaking in the warm, Mexico sun. It was such a blessing, and we are better because of it!

And no, we still don't have a named picked out for the baby girl. If it were up to me, I would have chosen one months ago. Take it up with my husband.

Rob and his Surf and Turf! Yummy!

The locals are so friendly - a bit stiff but really nice.

A beached whale! Oh wait, that's me.

This is how we spent most of our time. Ahh....

And this is what we got to come home to. Sawyer got a new, Mexican guitar to play alongside Daddy, and he and Truman were reunited.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sawyer is Two - Here are a few more photos from my camera - ridiculous, I know. Mom and Dad (and Grammy) were all taking pictures!

We were ready for the snow to be gone, but Mallory came to PC to see some snow. So, we went to the Park for some fun in what was left of the snow.

Dad's favorite gift for Sawyer - his first ski helmet.

Dad even got to dress like a Fireman! After all, he is Sawyer's hero!

The little man is now two! We are so blessed by our little guy and can't believe he is already two years old. As I am sure you will all agree - time flies! Grammy and cousin Mallory were able to come from Austin and celebrate with us. This made the day even more special! Since one of Sawyer's favorite things is firetrucks, we decided to have a firetruck party to celebrate year number two. We even had the real thing as the Park City Fire Department stopped by the party and let the kids have some fun. The firemen were extremely kind and allowed the kids to climb inside, wear the jackets and helmets, and they even shuttled them around the block while blowing the horn and ringing the bell. It was a hit with all the little ones as well as the dads. I think some of the dads were more impressed and excited than the kids. Especially when the firemen pulled out the Jaws of Life and started telling life saving stories. Thanks so much to Officer Vokel and Officer Cromm for their kindness and willingness to share with both little and big kids alike! It was a fun celebration thanks to good friends and good people like the Park City Fire Department! Happy Birthday sweet, little Sawyer! We love you!


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