Friday, August 29, 2008

Now that I'm Home...

I enjoy eating out with mom and dad, taking in the awesome Park City weather, riding Truman and rolling around in his dog bed even though mommy says not to, playing outside at the Farmer's Market and Concert in the Park, sleeping in my own bed, reading books repeatedly throughout the day, bike rides with mom and dad, and most of all, I enjoy playing in Truman's water bowl. It seems that in my time away from home, I forgot that was a "no no."
Life is good!!
I'm off to get into some trouble!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our Last Summer Adventure!

As you probably know if you have been keeping up with the blog, it has been a Young Life filled summer for the Andersons. We have been gone more than we have been home. It has been a bit crazy at times, but truly rewarding in so many ways. However, it feels incredibly good to be back home, and Sawyer is SO happy to be sleeping in his own bed again and not the pack n play. Rob has been gone 8 and 1/2 weeks total this summer, and Sawyer and I have been gone 6 weeks. Our last trip took place right after Family Camp. Rob and Sawyer and I stayed in Colorado for the week for a little down time - it was a trip that had nothing to do with Young Life and Rob didn't have to work! Woo Hoo! We spent the week with the Hopkins family from Houston - Paul and Tracy are my dear friends from back home. Tracy was my Maid of Honor in our wedding, and since then she has had two sweet children, Harper (2) and Ahser (9mos). We LOVE the Hopkins family and are thankful that we were able to spend a week with them. We did a little sight seeing, watched some Olympics, we relaxed in the hot tub, the kids did a lot of napping and playing (we napped some as well), Rob was able to fly fish (he caught 6 fish!!), and we were able to catch up with our sweet friends. It was some much needed down time! The day after we returned home, Rob left for the weekend for our annual Leadership Retreat to kick off the new Young Life season. Let the whirlwind begin!!!!

Here are a few snapshots from the week!

The Slogger Returns!

The slacker blogger (slogger) is back after a few weeks. I apologize for not updating in a while, but the Andersons have been pretty busy. If you have checked the Sweeney or the Fischer blogs, then you know we went to Young Life Family Camp on the 14th of August. We spent the weekend with several families from Park City and the Hopkins family from Friendswood, along with a couple hundred other families from our Rocky Mountain West region. Paul and Tracy are my dear friends from back home, and Paul was the camp doctor for the weekend. It was SO good to spend some quality time with those guys and their littles ones, Harper and Asher. Although it was cold and rainy the entire weekend, we still had fun on The Screamer, the ropes course, the ridgerunners, in the pool, at the snack bar, in the gameroom, eating, singing and laughing. We loved having our friends with us to experience a little taste of Young Life. After sharing a room with all the kids, the Fischers might not call us friends anymore. They were such good sports, and Laurie gets the Happy Camper award after braving a long car ride and a weekend with four boys and no husband. Way to go Laurie! (Kenyon, you owe her...big time!) Thank you, friends, for a great weekend. We are so glad we got to share such an amazing experience with you all!

We went on to spend the week with Paul and Tracy at a beautiful home in Salida. I will post pictures from the week later.
It was so sweet to be back at Frontier Ranch - especially with good friends.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We finished our last week at camp and made our way back home this week. Our final week at camp was just as amazing as the previous weeks. Crooked Creek is where Rob and I met, so it is always good to be back there and reminiscence. We love the property and we love the staff there = both have become very dear to our family. Sawyer is only 16 months old and he has already spent two months of his life at Crooked Creek. He's a lucky little guy, and I am convinced he will think life back home is dull compared to the excitement he has been apart of for the last few weeks.

Our time at Crooked Creek was so sweet, yet we are very glad to be home. Truman and Sawyer had a wonderful reunion, I ate some Chinese food (one thing they don't have at camp, and one thing I have been craving), Rob has been able to catch up on some sleep, we have seen a few friends and look forward to gathering with our small group, we made a trip to Home Depot, we went to the Farmer's Market, Rob grilled dinner a few nights ago, we're taking in the beginning of the Olympics, and we had a garage sale this morning - back to the normalcy and the goodness of life! God is good to us, and we look forward to enjoying a few more weeks of summer!

Here are some photos from our final week at camp. There are a few photos of camp from the main entrance, and I included some photos of Rob's character, Sherman the Cub Scout. He was quite amusing, as you can imagine.

I led songs during club each evening, and I took this picture from the stage at one of our last clubs. It was SO fun!

This is a picture from our lodge of all the new Christians on the New Christian walk. AWESOME!

These are the new Christians at the end of the walk. Again, AWESOME!


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