Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mothers Day Out!

I mentioned this in my last blog, but I went skiing on the greatest powder day of the year. My sweet husband, who usually makes his way to the slopes on mornings like this one, had agreed the week before to watch Sawyer for a few hours. Little did he know what he was giving up. Poor guy. My friend Laurie and I hit the slopes for the morning and we had a blast in the shin to knee deep snow. Despite the burning thighs and quite a few falls, it was such a great time. MANY thanks to the husbands for giving up the powder for their wives.
So fun!
My friend Laurie all smiles on the last run of the day.
Super Dad! While we were knee deep in snow at the resort, Rob was knee deep in snow at home. We have to shovel the back patio so Truman can make it to the backyard - and so it doesn't collapse under the weight.

What a week!

This has been a fun but crazy week at the Anderson home. On Saturday, Rene and "Tony" (his American name) came to stay with us for eight days. Rene is one of my old English students and Tony is an exchange student from China. Rene went to China with our school earlier in the year, but he is unable to host a student at his own home, so we volunteered to have the guys stay with us. It has been such fun getting to know both of these young men and learn how different both of their lives are from ours. It's also a humbling experience.
In the midst of entertaining and hosting these guys, several huge snow storms have pounded Park City one after the other, Rob received a black eye at his flag football game, Sawyer started officially pulling up on furniture, I got to go skiing (the morning after we recieved 13 inches of snow in one night!), and we watched our first episode of LOST. (Thanks to many, we have learned over the past few months that there is a character named Sawyer on the show. We DID NOT name our child after a character who, according to the middle aged women around here, is the "cute one", who happens to be a con artist and has minimal facial stubble even though his plane crashed and he has been stranded on a "special" island for months.) We look forward to a fun weekend with Rene and Tony and the snow that won't stop falling!

The flag football injury.
The big boy!
He's so proud of himself.
Woohoo!! My skis are under there somewhere. The powder was up to our knees most of the day.
The view from our last run.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Parker Eugene Jones is here!

Pete and Jenny had a sweet baby boy! Parker is the 10th boy in our intimate circle of friends here in Park City. We have enough for a baseball team including a designated hitter, and we are close to a full football team. Wow! What a blessing! Parker and parents are doing great. He is absolutely precious and we can't wait to see the fun he and Sawyer will have together - just like their daddies! Congratulations Jones family!

Sawyer's first nosebleed!

As I was freaking out, Rob was capturing the moment on camera. Our sweet boy bit the dust on the kitchen tile. I know it's the first of many accidents (Sawyer fell down the steps today. Thankfully, no blood and only a few tears) but it was still a little upsetting for me. For Rob, he was excited - he thought it made Sawyer tough. He looks really upset doesn't he. There's more drool than blood.

Fun in Florida!

Every four years, Young Life gathers for an All Staff Conference in Orlando. All staff, spouses and young babies get to attend. So, we set out for another adventure with our little man. It was so good to be in warm weather and so good to see all of our dear friends from Young Life! As always, our time there was amazing and encouraging. It is good to know that there are thousands of folks serving alongside us in the mission - they understand our efforts, hopes and even our frustrations. It was so good to see some of my old staff friends from Houston as well. As always, the leaders in Young Life were full of surprises. There was a Jars of Clay concert and a Nicole C. Mullens concert. Not only that, but Jeff Foxworthy joined us for the fun. His wife became a Christian through Young Life and he is a volunteer Wyldlife leader in his hometown. He was hilarious. Also, Jack Hanna came and brought some of his animal friends. That show was pretty funny as well. In the midst of gathering as a staff, we were able to spend some time by the pool and spend a day at Disneyworld. We were "that couple" with the baby at Disneyworld. Sawyer slept half the time and was clueless about where we were. But, later on when he asks if we can go there, we will tell him, "Sawyer, you have already been to Disneyworld. I can't believe you don't remember. It was fun!" This was my third All Staff Conference - time flies. We both look forward to gathering with our brothers and sisters in four more years. What a sweet time.
Sawyer was fortunate enough to have his own seat on the plane - lucky for us as well. He was awesome!
Jeff Foxworthy - live!
Sawyer by the pool.
Sawyer spent a lot of time crawling around the "clean" hotel room floor. Nice.
Sawyer at Disneyworld - we have proof in case he asks!

I'm a slacker! Finally, here are some recent photos of the boy!

Sawyer and his best friend, Truman.
What a sweet, sleepy boy.
I love my daddy - he's so funny!
Check out those thighs! Yummy!

Christmisc! Miscellaneous photos from Christmas!

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep...

Sawyer had so much fun in Austin, he had a hard time staying awake. While Rob and Mallory were playing and singing a duet, Sawyer decided there was no time like the present to take a little nap. The duet played on.

More Christmas - Houston!

We spent the second half of our trip with family in Houston. It was great - more family and more amazing food. We loved it!

Sawyer and Perry Anne!
The Houston cousins!
Myame and her sweet babies!
Rob's sporting one of his favorite gifts, a Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt. This was before they didn't make it to the playoffs.
More presents - it's ridiculous!

Christmas in Texas!

This year we traveled to Austin and Houston for Christmas. We spent a few days with Rob's family and got to see the new baby boy, Blaine. Then we spent a few days in Houston with the new baby boy, Greyson! What fun to have so many babies together for Christmas. We loved being with family and the great hospitality you can only get in Texas (not to mention the great food!).
What a cute little elf!
Rob and the Austin cousins!
The whole family on Christmas morning!
Sawyer and Grammy!
My favorite present under the tree!


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