Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More photos - I can't stop taking them!

I can't stop taking pictures of this sweet boy. He is growing and changing so much - I don't want to miss a thing! For those of you who check the blog regularlyy, here is some fun news. If you haven't already heard, I am resigning from my teaching job. I will finish this quarter that ends right after Christmas. I AM SO excited and ready to be a full time mom to Sawyer - I am going to be a better wife to Rob as well. Can't wait!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Our sweet, little man!

Sawyer is already almost 8 months old. He is so much fun as he grows and develops his unique personality. He is so close to crawling, as he is just itching to cruise around and experience life on his own. Some of his favorite things are his daddy, Truman, dinner, cheerios, bath time, and little kids - he loves to play with them. He is such a happy guy, and he continues to make me laugh all the time. He just recently learned to clap and does so on a regular basis. I love my precious, little guy.

He loves his soccer ball!
Bath time is his favorite part of each day.
He loves to smile for the camera!
Daddy fixed his hair today - it's a good look for him.
This is called the unicorn - it's a really cool look for 8 month olds.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sawyer and Silas!

Check out these two cuties. Jessy bought the boys matching Thanksgiving shirts, and we couldn't resist a little photo session. As you can see, Sawyer fills his out a little more than Silas, so much so that it is gaping around the neck. Oh well, he can chalk it up to to the milk, sweet potatoes and applesauce he enjoyed for Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving...when all is said and done...

Big Chief...tired.
Albert...still holding the remote.
This is how Sawyer fell asleep in the car.
The end to his first Thanksgiving.

So much...So thankful!

After a morning of fellowship and pie, we spent the evening with close friends and LOTS of food! We are so blessed to have such amazing friends, and we give thanks for them. We can't be with our Texas family on this day, but we celebrate with our Park City friends who might as well be family. With our pilgrim hats and indian headresses adorned, we dined and visited and watched a little football. The boys fried a turkey and a few potato chips, and they were pefect to serve alongside all the usual fixings - mashed potatoes, cranberry chutney, Napa salad, broccoli rice casserole, green bean casserole, fruit salad, sweet potatoes, dressing, a relish tray, and rolls. Can you say...carbohydrates? Wow! Everything was delicious, and we are still enjoying the leftovers. I am going to have another turkey sandwich when I finish updating the blog. Ahhh, the joy of Thanksgiving...still benefiting two days later - I'll have a piece of pie when I finish the sandwich.
We paused for a family photo during pie breakfast.
The boys carving the turkey.
A sweet, little pilgrim.
Happy pilgrim family.
The Chief, Pete, discussing the buffalo with some of the pilgrims.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Who wouldn't love pie for breakfast!

Once upon a time, there were three bachelors who decided it would be fun to eat pie for breakfast. Rob, Pete, and Joel thought this would be fun to do on Thanksgiving morning! The guys, along with the help of a few friends, decided to bake the pies the day before. Friends from miles around came to eat pie with them on Thanksgiving morning, and thus begin the very first annual Pie Breakfast. The first year they baked around 15 pies and around 35 people came to enjoy the different recipes. Now, six years later, the bachelors are no longer single guys baking pies, but married men with children. Instead of 15 pies and 35 guests, there are now 40 pies and around 150 guests. The tradition has developed into a favorite for many Park City residents, and it has fed pies to hundreds of mouths. Some of the favorites through the years are Lemon Icebox, Banana Creme, Bonnie's Chocolate, Heath Bar, Caramel Apple Crunch, Magnolia, Millionaire Pie, and for the last two years, the 21 and over Jack Daniels Pie. Some that have come and gone are the Margarita Pie, the Avocado Pie, and the "what did they put in this - everything" pie. Last year, the Schillingers joined the team of families behind the tradition, and they opened their home to host this year. As always, the morning was a huge success, and it was fun to see many old friends and new faces as well. Obviously, the pies were a hit as we only had about a pie and a half left when all was said and done. It' s amazing after all the pie tasting that we still had room for an amazing Thanksgiving dinner that afternoon.
Rob, mixing up his masterpiece, Banana Creme Pie!
Sawyer, wanting so badly to have a taste.
What a cutie! Gobble Gobble!.
The familes behind the tradition!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Our Turtle!

Halloween, for the Andersons, consisted of dressing Sawyer in his turtle costume and taking dozens of pictures of our little reptile. He didn't mind the hat or the shell, and he enjoyed "snacking" on a few leaves during the process. For some reason, Halloween is a huge deal in Utah. (I know it is a huge deal everywhere, but the Utahans go crazy up here. It's really kind of strange.) However, we enjoyed the evening with our sweet turtle, a pot of homemade chili, and some jalapeno cornbread. We were greeted by some neighborhood kids who came by for some treats, and Rob enjoyed giving large handfuls of candy; we also enjoyed the costumes. Rob's favorite was Spiderman and my favorites were this cute little guy dressed as Napolean Dynamite and a cute girl dressed as a Deal or No Deal girl - briefcase and all. Fortunately, her dress was way more modest than those of the actual girls. It was a fun night, but we definitely look forward to a more meaningful holiday with our little guy. As you can see, he is growing like crazy, and we are so blessed that he is so sweet and so much fun! Sometimes I can't believe God has given us such a gift (and that he trusts us with such a gift - surely he knows how incapable we are. Of course, that is the point - so that we put our faith and trust in him!) What a gift! I am so thankful!

Saywer LOVES his basket of toys. At one point on Saturday, every one of the toys in this basket had been carefully removed and placed on the floor.


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