Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sawyer and Karsten!

Here's a quick video clip of Sawyer and his buddy Karsten. Both of these little guys made their first emergency trip within days of each other. In this video, Karsten has a badly sprained ankle and Sawyer has stitches in his lip. You would never know it!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Sign Me Up For Five More!"

These are the words Rob said to me on Friday as we celebrated our five year anniversary. Actually, we celebrated on Tuesday because Rob had 14 guys in town for their annual "Hack Fry." This is an annual tradition where the guys from Rob's pledge class back at Tech gather for a golf tourament every year. Usually this takes place in Texas but Rob convinced the guys to come to PC this year. They had a blast! Rob played golf and hung out with 14 of his buddies on our actual anniversary; I went to the doctor and hung out with Sawyer. Considering what happens during your last month's visits to the doctor prior to giving birth, I'm thinking Rob had more fun.

Either way, we have been married five years! It has been an amazing five years, and I continue to thank God for blessing me with such an amazing husband, provider, leader, father, lover and friend! I am one lucky girl! I am more in love with him today than the day we married! I love you, baby!

We don't have a scanner and I was trying to find an old disk with wedding pictures, but I had no luck. I did find the disk with pictures from the rehearsel - which was an event in itself. Rob and all of the groomsmen found the chuch choir robes and decided to sport them for the rehearsel. I still think of the wedding organinzer and wonder what she thought of our gang. Poor lady. So, here is a peek at the rehearsel the evening before the big day! We have both put on a few pounds since that day. Also, I put together a book that documented our dating/engagement and gave it to Rob that same night. I included this poem inside.

Thirty years the two had to wait,
'Til God gave them their one soul mate.
No one knew God's amazing plan
For this lovely woman and this handsome man.
Thankfully, it's all in His time -
"They will love each other, but the beloved are Mine."
Crooked Creek Ranch is where they met,
A month together and they were all set.
Out to see each other's lives,
From Park City to Houston they would fly.
The month of July is when she knew,
Later on in August he knew too.
God allowed two of his own to meet,
Who knew it would have been such a big feat.
On December 30th he got down on one knee,
She said "Yes! I can't believe you chose me."
On this day we celebrate as the two become one,
Rob and Christa Anderson!

Sign me up for AT LEAST five more!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Month in a Minute.

Here's a QUICK update on the last month!

Rob still coaches baseball at the high school and his team won first in our Region. The Miners made it to the State Semi Finals as well, which meant Mom and Sawyer got to see dad in action for several days in a row since several of the games were close by. Way to go Miners!

Rob took one of our Young Life kids to Lubbock to visit Texas Tech. He got accepted and considered attending Tech. Unfortunately, he chose to attend the University of Utah - I know, what is he thinking. I think all things Texas were too intimidating for him - I mean look at the airplane below. Really?! Only a real Texan can appreciate such things. That, and catfish and good barbeque. He couldn't believe that we actually eat catfish. What other fish is there that you can fry up and chase with a few hushpuppies and some iced tea.

I got to attend a Beth Moore Conference in Wyoming with a friend. It was INCREDIBLE - as I knew it would be! I am still soaking in and reflecting on everything I learned! While mom was at said conference, Sawyer got his first stitches! He and dad had a little bicycle accident that warranted a trip to the emergency room in Salt Lake. The entire ordeal was WAY more traumatic for dad than for Sawyer. He is fine and may have a scar to brag about when he gets older. Dad still hates to think about that day!

Young Life and Wyldlife are over as far as weekly meetings go. Young Life rounded out the year with Tacky Prom on the City Bus. Hilarious! Rob and the kids leave for camp in California soon, but he won't be attending WyldLife Camp this year since the baby is due that week. Also, Rob was asked to speak at the PCHS Bacclaureate. He did an outstanding job - and he looked hot in his suit and tie! (I didn't snag a picture of him in his suit, so I know it's hard to believe. Several hundred people witnessed it in case you are doubting.)

Summer has arrived! This means lots of play time outside, picnics, Farmer's Market, cookouts, sandals and lots of yard work!
Unfortunately, Summer departed - temporarily. We have been having extremely abnormal weather for Park City. It is 64 in my house right now - a little too cool for June! Despite the fact that daily rain showers mean we don't have to turn on the sprinkler system, it also means my son and my dog (and often times my husband) cannot get rid of enough energy on those days. This tends to drive mom a little crazy!

Our baby girl will be in here soon as I am 36 weeks pregnant! We have moved Sawyer's room and painted the baby room. Change is coming! Sawyer has brand new bunk beds and loves the idea of them - he has yet to sleep in them.
(I will spare you the photos of my belly, but I promise photos of the new rooms are coming.

Ok, so that wasn't as quick as I intended. Sorry.


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