Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Little Man Is In Preschool!

If you read my post about preschool last spring, then you know that dad camped out overnight in a parking lot in order to get Bean into preschool. True story.

Thankfully, he got a spot for our little man. We are now the proud parents of a preschooler who actually attends preschool - and we love it! I had my first co-op day last week and got to be a part of the action. It is SO fun! It seems a bit surreal that we are here already, and yet I know Bean was ready and is better because of his time at school.

Here are some action shots from his first day. I know, I know...he's cute.

Before we got moving! Look at that smile - he was so excited.

Having a little trouble with the backpack...

Could use a little help here...

Why isn't this working...

Got it...finally!

SO excited!

And SO cute!

A special breakfast at Einstein's Bagels! Maybe that's why he was so excited - cinnamon bagel bites 
and chocolate milk. Good luck with the sugar high Ms. Patti and Ms. Linda...sorry.

I love him.

"Hurry up guys! I don't want to be late!"

Getting situated at one of the stations. (That's the amazing Ms. Patti across from Bean. 
We have known Patti for a long time and LOVE that she is one of the teachers!)

My last goodbye for the day. I think he's pulling away from me - I didn't 
think that would happen until Middle School. Tear...wipe...

AND, this girl is 14 months. 

What is happening to my babies?

That look...something else I didn't think I would see until middle school.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Since June...

I haven't had a haircut (I know that isn't a big deal for most of you, but come on, I have bangs), washed my sheets (disgusting, I know, but read on before you judge me), been to Costco, ridden my mountain bike in the mountains, or blogged. It's not because I have fallen into a deep depression or am boycotting my motherly duties, it truly is because I have been busy. That, and our family was gone for the entire month of July and most of the month of August. The Andersons spent 47 days at Young Life camps this summer. We served an Assignment at Woodleaf in northern California and then we went to Family Camp at Frontier Ranch in Colorado. It was an amazing summer, and we are so blessed to see God move in the lives of so many, but we are TRULY grateful to be home!
As a girl who craves familiarity, schedules and routine, my head is still spinning from a summer of homes away from home. My kids, on the other hand, are lamenting the loss of so much attention, swimming pools, ice cream from the snack bar, and no schedule. Poor things. Bean has made it clear to us that he prefers camp life to life back at home. What 3 year old wouldn't. He'll get over it, and by then we will be back at camp. Hopefully I'll get my haircut by then.

                   Peanut turned one while we were at Woodleaf. I made a lame cake in our community kitchen. It's a far cry from the train cake I made for Bean's first birthday. Poor second child.

Bean actually got to play with girls! At home he is surrounded by boys! He LOVED the Dangler girls!

This is his buddy, Anna! They are both 3! Cute couple.

No idea what kind of animal this is, but we all had some fun with it. 
Somehow it ended up on stage quite a few times. Funny how much it looks like Bean.

Bean caught his first fish in the camp lake...and his 2nd...and 3rd...and so on. 
Fishing turned out to be his all time favorite thing. Like father, like son.

We swam - every day!

The whole family goofing off on the basketball courts.

Rob and I led music at Club each night! This is a picture I took from stage.

Thank you, Lord, for the Stryder bike! We could not have survived camp without it.

One of Rob's many characters. Look at Peanut - "Dada, is that you?"

Another one of his characters - Iron Man. His counterpart was Helium Guy. 
Together, they were HeFe ("The Boss"). That's his Iron Man smile. Nice.

And another... Dirty Tommy, a little boy who likes chocolate ice cream.

Love her!

so much!

This is Gus, one of the Capernaum campers. This was his attitude from the moment he got off the bus until the moment he left. He loves Jesus - He is a picture of Jesus!

Family Camp at Frontier Ranch! (We were home from Woodleaf for 3 days, and then we left for Frontier!

This is where Peanut spent most of her summer...seriously.

See what I mean. Why would he ever want to go home.

This girl LOVES her dada!

Although it is tough to be away for so long, I can't imagine spending our summer any other way. We are so blessed to be a part of this ministry, and I love that our kids get to see the Gospel in action. Thanks to all of you who support this mission through your gifts and prayers! We love you and are so thankful for you!

More posts to come - Bean starts preschool!


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