Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Young Life Family Camp!

Every 2nd or 3rd weekend in August, our family looks forward to Family Camp at Frontier Ranch in Buena Vista, Colorado! If not for the 9 hour drive (more when nursing a 10 week old), this would be the perfect weekend. With a focus on family and God, the weekend is a blessing to any family! We were so excited to bring along 44 people from Park City this year - including our dear friends the Joneses, Schillingers and Staleys! What a fun shared experience! Not to mention, Grammy flew in from Austin to enjoy her first Young Life Camp. She's hooked...I knew she would be! As always, we had a great time at Frontier Ranch!

Sister spent most of the weekend trying to keep up with the boys.
That is pretty much her life these days. 
Let's hope that changes before she enters high school.

Baby brother spent most of the weekend like this.
Or in Grammy's arms. 
He's really missing her now that we are too!

Schillingers, Joneses and Staleys - minus Jessy!
I love these people!

 Sister during Western Night.

 She's cute...I know.

 Some of the boys...and sister.

 A rare family photo...I'm usually taking the pictures or the littles refuse to pause for one.
(That and I don't want to be in photos until the baby weight goes bye bye!)

 The Joneses - this is seriously a precious pic!

 Daddy was a good sport at the Carnival! 

 Wrangler Breakfast! SO yummy!

 blue, blue, blue, 
poor girl.

 She's not lovin' the Family Field Games.


 Some of the dads workin' it during the Field Games.

 This is what happens when you put your head on one end of a bat and the other end on the ground and spin around 10 times.
Way to go Jenny!

 And there's me...whoa...can't...really...walk...too...dizzy.
That's Grammy in the background snapping some photos.

And Doug! Only at Young Life Camp. 

Big Brother is not so down with the Pony Rides. He prefers a little more action.

Some of the gang at the start of the ropes course!

And this is what happens when Pete and Albert steal your camera.

Nice, Albert.

I'm glad that's all that happened...knowing these two.

 The Prices at the start of the Ropes Course!

Deb with the giggles and Doug glad to be done after the Ropes Course.

 Me and My Man jumping for the bar at the end of the course.
For years (well over 20 collectively) we have been doing the Ropes Course with kids at camp every summer. It is fun to do it together. We even snuck in a kiss during the zip line - something we DON'T recommend to our campers!

And the best part about it was that Grammy got to come!

Thanks, Grammy! We love you!


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