Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some highlights of the fun around here!

My sweet family allowed me to sleep in on Mother's Day while they made a special pancake breakfast. Dad got really creative! SO sweet!

Bean's class had a Mother's Day Tea where they served us and performed a number of sweet songs. Look how cute they are as they concentrate on the words AND the hand motions - tough for anyone, especially a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds.

Yes, there are girls in Bean's class, but only 3. And yes, Bean is shorter than everyone else. 

And cuter too, but that's totally my opinion. 

And then there is this girl. She's short too...and really cute. Check out that look. Wow.

Yes, it got warm enough to actually wear short sleeves and go to the park. And yes, there is still snow on the mountains as you can see in the background. And today, there is snow in our yard. It's been falling for several hours this morning. I'm trying really hard not to become bitter about such a cold spring. 

But check out how green the grass is immediately after the snow melts. The winters are long here but the summers are SO great! We are ready for the warmth to stay!

Baby Boy Anderson will be here in a week or so (we hope)! We will keep you posted!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday and Happy Resurrection Day!

What a great (but cold) Spring! Bean is 4 and Easter with family and friends was such a blessing! After a Candyland birthday party and a few Easter egg hunts in the snow, we have so much to celebrate! And after several weeks of late snowfall and colder than usual weather, we are really ready for some sunshine, shorts and flip flops! That, and after a few home projects, some reorganization and moving peanut to a big girl bed, we are ready for our little man to arrive. The baby blue and sweet smell of baby powder will soon pour through the house again, and we can't wait. God is SO good!

My Bean before preschool on his birthday. The Young Life Banquet was on his birthday, so we ended up celebrating the rest of the week - lucky little guy!
On another note...notice the old carpet in this picture. Look below to see the new carpet - one of the many projects happening around our house. We are SOOO excited to have new floors!

The candy and cake spread for the Candyland party! So fun!

Look at Peanut eating one of MANY skittles. 

Woo Hoo! I'm Four!

Bean's friends claiming their piece of cake.

Some seriously cute Easter smiles! 
And...some new carpet! 

Love those two. 

A little time outside before it started snowing...again.

So cute, I know.

A kiss from Daddy's girl.

Love that one too.

Don't really want to hold hands, but we will.

Yes, the stuffed cheetah is taller than Peanut.

And kisses for you too.

Sorry for the lack of posts. We have been so busy but so good. We have extremely full lives and hearts - and our hands will be full soon as well. Around three more weeks until the little man arrives. We'll keep you posted!


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