Friday, September 30, 2011

For the Love of the Game!!

If you know anything about my husband, then you know that he loves baseball. So much so that his love for the game is contagious. I enjoy it more just knowing how much he likes it. Since our beloved Houston Astros have forgotten how to play the game (and the franchise management has had a lapse in judgement), we have chosen to cheer for and watch other teams this year.

Other teams being any team besides the Yankees. Sorry.

Like most dads, he would be so pleased if his love for the game was passed on to his two sons. (For reasons I won't mention here, he would prefer for his daughter to stay away from softball.) We're shooting for golf for her since girl's golf is the #1 unclaimed scholarship for most colleges and universities.

I digress...

Last summer, my man took our oldest to his first professional baseball game in San Francisco when the Giants played the Dodgers. (We were working at a Young Life Camp in Northern California at the time, and we went to check out San Francisco for the weekend...really, we went to see the game...really, the two boys went to the game while the girl and I hung out near Fisherman's Wharf...really, the girl and I drove around while she took a nap and then I nursed her in the car...good times.)

This summer, my man took our youngest to his first professional baseball game when we were in Boston for a quick visit to celebrate our dear friend, Doug (another GREAT story for another time). Some might say it's a bit premature to take a 3 month old to a professional baseball game, but not for this guy. And, hey, his ticket was free! I think the boy really enjoyed the game the 20 minutes when he was awake and not nursing. We were privileged enough to see the Red Sox beat the Tampa Bay Rays - one of the only times they beat them during the series. And, if you are a baseball fan at all, or married to one, then you know of all the recent events that took place in quite possibly one of the most exciting weeks of baseball that will send the Red Sox home and the Rays to the playoffs.

It took me over thirty years (notice how I didn't say how many) to get to Fenway Park, and our youngest went to the historical ballpark at just 3 months old. It's unfortunate that he won't remember a thing.

My sweet husband does not want this post to end without mentioning that the Giants won the World Series last year, not too long after he saw them play. Now, the Rays are in the running to do the same. Coincidence...usually, but to him, no. There are no coincidences when it comes to baseball.

Disclaimer: Some of these poses might have been staged. I'll let you guess which ones. 

And, of course...a random photo from each trip.
I don't know if that woman refuses to look at him or if the glare from the silver is 
just too much for her sensitive eyes - maybe a little of both.

Hmmm....Paul Revere...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I AM...

...three months old! 

...SUPER cute - at least my mom says so! Other people say it too, but she says it ALL the time. Stop it, already.

...dealing with a killer case of acid reflux. Man does it hurt when I eat. So much so that I lost some weight. Mom is stressing about it, but I am still my sweet, happy self!

...often entertained by my brother and sister. They are pretty cool. I can't wait to chase after them and have pillow fights.

...smiling all the time - especially when my dad talks to me. I really like that guy.

...cooing and talking a lot. I love talking to my sister. She has a squeaky voice that makes me happy - unless she screams in my ear, which happens every now and then.

...spending a lot of time outside. Mom keeps mentioning "snow." I don't know what that is, but it will be here soon - evidently lots of it. I guess we won't be playing outside as much once it gets here. Bummer.

...lovin' bath time - when my mom gets around to giving me one. Mom says since I am the third child, I don't get bathed as much as my brother and sister did when they were my age -whatever that means. I'm cool with it.

Until next time!
Baby Brother (I hope they won't always call me that. It seems a little childish.)


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