Sunday, February 19, 2012

Look Alikes!

It seems as though the men in our family look alike. I think they are pretty stinkin' cute!

Ok. Everyone looks like each other except for mom. 

We're Back!

It's February.
I haven't blogged since November.
We have been living life.
It's been busy.
It's been good.
God is good.

Here are some highlights from the Anderson family since November:

An awesome Park City Christmas with just our family.
Lots of skiing and sledding on what has proven to be the least amount of snow on record.
Swim lessons for our first born.
Potty training with our sweet girl. She is amazing and at 2 and a half, she now wears big girl panties to bed. One human in diapers is heavenly!
Our baby boy is 8 months old already. How did that happen? He LOVES his food (after all, he's an Anderson), and he loves, loves, loves his brother and sister. I love much.
A Young Life Conference in Orlando, Florida. It was amazing. I love this mission!
Sickness...lots and lots of sickness... including Strep, an Ear Infection, repeated coughs, fevers and runny noses, and a kidney stone. I'm sick of it! (No pun intended.)
Young Life...clubs, meetings, Bible studies, gatherings, meals, trips, and conversations. We are excited to gear up for our Banquet in April and a full summer of camps!

God is so good to our family! We are so blessed!


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