Monday, March 8, 2010

Why do we live in a society chocked full of entitled young adults?

I think I know.

Because their moms and dads camp out overnight to get them into preschool when they are young. That's right, preschool. Not Harvard or Yale, or Texas A&M. Preschool. Not a U2 concert or the Academy Awards. Preschool.

Last night, Rob camped out in the parking lot of Park City's Cooperative Preschool so that we would be guaranteed a spot for our little man next year. There were only seven spots open for 3 year olds, and the registration is on a "first come, first served" basis. We have heard from friends with children attending the school that when the spots are limited, folks will get there really early. Translation: "really early" means the night before. So at midnight, Rob gathered his long underwear, his beanie, his ipod, his sleeping bag, and his gumption and headed into town to be one of the first seven at the door for the 9am registration. When he arrived, there were already FOUR people ahead of him. Did I mention it was midnight? Preschool?


This is insane!

I know!

Yet we did it anyway.

I will say that it is a VERY GOOD preschool and it is also the only one in town that we can afford. I will say that we love our son very much, and I will say that Daddy is AWESOME for camping out in the cold!

But I won't say that this is the right thing to do because it just seems so wrong. It's preschool. He's not even three yet. He has no idea what his daddy did for him last night.

He's like me. I can't comprehend how much my God loves me, the sinner, and what he did for me through Jesus on the cross. Yet I spend my days feeling SO entitled to his blessings and want even more. When you think about it, God's love for me is absurd. Just like camping out in order to get your kid into preschool. Truly absurd.

We did get a spot, unlike those people who got there "really early" this morning. Their names sit on a wait list.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

And now, the long awaited blog post! Sorry, Dad!

Highlights from the last two months!

A long overdue trip to Lubbock to see family and friends. What a treat!
Young Life, Young Life, Young Life!
Sweet Bean turned 6 months!
Sweet Bean turned 7 months!
Lots and lots of sledding!
Trips to SLC to the museum and zoo!
Our little man went skiing for the first time!
A much needed family vacation to Southern California! We actually got to wear flip flops and no puffy coat! Ahhhhh.....


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