Saturday, April 14, 2012


I don't know how it happened, but you are FIVE!

Happy Birthday!

FIVE things that are true about you.

1. Your appetite is awesome! You ask for sliced apples and carrots for a snack. Your absolute favorite food is red bell peppers, and you even cheer when you see them on your plate. If given the choice when we eat out, you choose Chinese food every time. You love it and even use the chopsticks with amazing skill. You never have just one serving of salad - especially if it has your favorite "dress-up," which is what you call salad dressing. I refuse to correct you!

2. You love Star Wars Legos. You have never seen Star Wars - but anything with a weapon, scary face, or funny outfit is Star Wars to you. This makes your dad so happy - he loves Star Wars too.

3. Your family refers to you as "Bubba." This is the only one of many nicknames you were given that has stuck over the past five years. There are few things cuter than hearing your sister call for Bubba from a distance. You are even teaching your little brother to say it too.

4. You strive to do things perfectly; so much so, that you refuse to try something until you are really good at it. So far, this has included writing your letters, swimming, riding a bike, and playing ANY game. This can be frustrating for your mom and dad at times, but at the same time we LOVE this about you. Remember... it's ok to make mistakes!

5. You LOVE wrestling with dad, building forts, pillow fights, maps (you already have an amazing collection), soccer, and your friends. A meal or bedtime prayer is not said without the mention of your friends. They are well prayed for by you!

Buddy, you have blessed us from moment one when you arrived after a lengthy labor. I know, you wanted to make an entrance after much anticipation. You did! You are sweet, funny, so clever, a thinker (I so love this about you and constantly see the wheels spinning behind those big, brown eyes), a perfectionist (sorry, you got that from me), adventure seeker, and truly the greatest big brother. Good job being so sweet to your sister - I know it can be tough at times. Thanks for being so patient with her; she loves you dearly. I love to watch you with your little brother - you are so incredibly gentle with him and you genuinely strive to be a good brother to him. YOU ARE! Keep it up, buddy! If we can tickle you long enough to bring out that gut laugh from your belly, it is the most amazing sound on earth. We could bottle it up and sell it for millions to bring joy to others. Most of all, I so love that you already have a hunger for Jesus - not literally, like a few years ago when you used to say "Jesus is in my tummy." I knew what you meant. Even then you wanted Jesus to be in you. He is, buddy. I can see him there. I pray you come to know him in an intimate, all-consuming way, and I pray you always hunger for him!

I want to slowly breathe in each and every day I have with with you. Five years have already come and gone too quickly. At the same time, I look forward to (do it slowly please!) the kind of man you will become as God continues to mold and shape you.

Five years ago!


 I love you so much!
Happy Birthday son!


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